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Wider World.

MD Presents unlocks the potential of the world’s leading brands in a rapidly developing global market. 


As a participant in the international entertainment industry for 20 years, MD Presents has acquired specialised skills in the development and execution of a wide variety of entertainment formats, particularly concerning touring Australian and international artists and productions in all areas of South-East Asia.

Working on over 100 projects in Papua New Guinea, The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and MENA has given us the ability to understand the frequently changing cultural and business needs crucial to project viability in Asia. The development of unique touring models has provided access to a continually growing network of entertainment partners and specialists across the globe.

Recent Work

Internationalisation and Project Management

Business Modeling & Talent

Provision of Growth Strategy & Business Modeling



Event Attraction Concept

MD Presents works with the client and stakeholders to conceive various unique ideas to create a package that makes the Big Idea easy to understand. We assist in the project's design, writing, planning and budgeting, and creating artwork and storyboards to help the client understand each element.


Project Management

We work closely with you to develop clear, relevant, and differentiating goals, following up with a tangible, strategic roadmap that outlines the necessary steps. The MD Presents team draws on the talent of experts from a wide range of disciplines to create whatever your program requires, whether it's a graphic look and feel that effectively integrates your event into an existing marketing campaign or a total reinvention of your brand.


Talent Acquisition

All of our content and artist related bookings are done in-house across our projects. Having managed well over 500 local and international artist appearances over the past ten years, we have consistently developed solid relationships and mutual trust throughout the industry. From artist booking services to full curation of events for corporate or government clients, promoters and festival organisers alike, talent acquisition is a key strength of the MD presents offering.


Brand Licensing/Content Distribution

MD Presents develops and manages licensing and co-branding programs for some of the world's best loved brands. Whether you are looking for a property to license, or want expert assistance in licencing your brand, MD presents licensing that connects you with opportunities that generate new revenue streams and build brand loyalty among your consumers.